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 Why Business Email Hosting?
 Save time, money, resources

Reduced operational costs
Relying on our Business Email Hosting, you can automatically reduce operational costs and remove all problems arising from the mailboxes management.

Tired of fighting spam?
Let concentrate on your “core business”, not wasting precious resources. will protect all your mailboxes from spam and viruses and the price is lower than a single antispam licence!

  • 98% of spam is blocked
  • The lowest level of false positives – we capture only spam and viruses, never valid messages.

Business Email Hosting gives you all the tools to control your mailboxes. In the meantime we solve any problems arising from the management of the infrastructures.

Choose the plan that satisfy your needs.
We have solutions for every need, from privates to the multinational. Analyzes the main features of the service and find out how to change them, build them or shape them to make them perfect for your specific needs.


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