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Hosting Price List

The final price is calculated according to the number and the kind of mailboxes ordered, and according to the request of Dynamic Hosting or other optional services.

Prices excluding VAT
NE-Standard NE-Professional
Mailboxes registration
(annual fee per unit)
1 casella standard30.00 €/year 1 casella collaboration45.00 €/year
Upgrade Number of mailboxes (monthly fee per unit) add 1 z-collaboration account3.50 €/month add 1 z-ultimate account3.75 €/month
Domain Registration
(with 1GB Basic Web Hosting for free)
15.00 €/year
Dynamic Web Space option
(PHP Support + MySql Database)
50.00 €/year


Upgrade Number of Mailboxes at any time

You can order new mailboxes at any time throughout the whole duration of your subscription.
The fee for new mailboxes will be calculated according to the months missing to the end of your actual contract.

You can order new mailboxes from your Control Panel.
It’s simple: access to this page [ Control Panel ]
and log in with your Client Code and your Password (you can find them in your order confirmation mail).

Then go to the section “Servizi su Domini” – “Acquisto caselle aggiuntive” to digit the number of new mailboxes and complete the order.