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Z-Collaboration Functionality

Highest flexibility, power and distribution control.

Business Z-Collaboration is the advanced servic of e-mail management, calendar and collaboration.
Thanks to the most innovative web application available today, Business Z-Collaboration, based on the Zimbra platform,increases user productivity on any desktop and reduces the total cost of ownership(TCO).

Other key benefits include advanced compatibility with the current mail client, the possibility to install a suitable client who supports all the features of the web package even in offline mode, shared management of email, folders, documents, tasks and calendar.

Functionality of the suite Z-Collaboration

MOBILE synchronizing
All elements of the Z-Collaboration inbox are synchronized with their mobile devices through the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.
Advanced Email Management
Assign Tags to emails, group them by topic and use the Quick Search to manage them in a more convenient and faster way.
Contact management
Personal and global address lists that can be shared with other accounts in the domain.
Personal and group calendars with global management of commitments and leisure and interchangeability of data.
Document management and sharing
Practice sharing files and folders with domain accounts. Easy management of the workflow by email.
AJAX web interface and friendly control panel for the management and administration of boxes, domain, hosting and database.

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