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Email Hosting Solutions

Our Email Hosting Solutions allow you to manage your email through dedicated webmail, to exploit IMAP, POP3 and SMTP servers, to create and share contacts, calendars and documents. It ‘also possible to add optional packages.

 Register your @domain

Assign a web profile to your organization.
70% of customers looks for their suppliers presence on the web. How?
Editing /net … are you there?

 Advanced Protection from Spam and Virus

Discover our advanced technology to professionally protect your correspondence. Filters are flexible and customizable according to user requirements.

 99.8% Uptime Guarantee

We continually invest in our architecture in order to allow the continuity of our email hosting services in any situation, preventing any technical fault.


Access to your email, contacts, calendar and documents is available anywhere and anytime. You can log in directly from webmail, or using your mobile device or a desktop client. Easy tutorials for account configuration.


10 reasons to choose Business Email Hosting

  • Rapid and successful deployment
  • Reduction of costs
  • No hidden costs: the service fee is ‘all-in-one’
  • AntiSpam and AntiVirus Service constantly monitored and updated
  • Continuity of service guaranteed
  • Full control of the service by the customer
  • Your staff remains focused on ‘core business’ corporate
  • Assurance of compliance with regulatory requirements
  • No long term contract
  • All the skills and flexibility of at your disposal to improve your specific business needs

The features offered are:

  • Address Book: private and public, you can securely manage personal contacts and access to the list of addresses common to your organization;
  • Agenda: private and public, your can share, if and whenever you want, your schedule with colleagues;
  • Briefcase: the area where you can share your files, text, images, documents with anyone, inside and outside your organization;
  • Mobile sincronization: update your data with your smartphone;
  • Backup: recover any lost or wrongly deleted message

All the virtual machines are produced by leading suppliers (VMware and Collax), the configuration is HA (high availability) with support for secure SAN (NetApp). They are located in protected server farm with access restricted only to authorized staff. All the infrastructure is owned by who has full and sole control.

 Business Standard
 Business Zimbra Collaboration
 Business Zimbra Groupware
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