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Business Zimbra Groupware

Business Groupware is the most complete Business Email Hosting suite provided by

Maximum flexibility and features for organizations needing enterprise email and collaboration services and support.

Thanks to some modules reserved to this version you can enjoy the new mail and collaboration solution without changing user behavior.

Business Groupware is perfect for small and large organizations who want a full-featured solution to meet the needs of system administrators and end users.

Thanks to the MAPI CONNECTOR you can also enjoy all these features using a client as Microsoft Outlook.

Benefits of Groupware solution

  • Advanced search and file indexing for large inboxes
  • Microsoft Outlook Email, Contact, Calendar and Task sync
  • iPhone Email, Contact, Calendar sync
  • Windows Mobile and other smartphone Email
  • BlackBerry Email, Contact, Calendar sync
  • Real-time backup and restore
  • Clustering/High-Availability

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     Business Zimbra Collaboration
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